Our business model deviates from the recruitment norm, where we pride ourselves in keeping open and clear communication channels with both clients and candidates alike, where long term strategic working relationships are initiated, developed and built on.

Our focus with both clients and candidates is very much on the long term and the emphasis of providing both with high quality customer service and go out of our way to keep communication channels through busy and quiet times. This allows us to ensure our 'network talent pool' is adequately resourced at all times for us to draw on for any last minute requirements by clients.   

We provide resource solutions to both private sector and public sector projects, but our wealth of public sector change experience has allowed us to focus on such projects due to key transformation activity in this arena.

We supply both interim and permanent managers and project staff, as well as senior roles based on client's clear skillset and experience requirements.

With the fast approaching exit out of the EU, we have built a pan European base to source local staff to assist clients with business change projects to kick start clients with a presence in EU to explore what the expected / potential business environment operating changes will have on their business and operating risk, and consult clients on ways to minimise or migitate risks, whilst assisting to identify further opportunities and build on strengths to ensure they are well positioned post 2019.