We are a small, flexible organisation that looks at doing things differently and outcomes focussed. We pride ourselves in developing our talent pool and network of skilled consultants and project staff, as well as taking a proactive collaborative approach with clients, dependant on their requirements and their preferred basis of engagement.

We offer delivery teams, put together with the most appropriate skill base, to ensure outcomes and business change are delivered in the most cost effective way, as well as tracking and realising benefits on a quantitive basis.

Our core team's focus is ensuring we continuously work on generating new ways of working, whilst ensuring knowledge of what other organisations or competitors are doing or planning in same or similar markets.

All work and service delivery undertaken is delivered with the customer and client in mind with clear terms of engagement agreed beforehand.

Our core skill base is financial modelling, analysis and project financial management, as well as business analysis, procurement (tender and evaluation/ award) and service / organisation redesign. 

Our team have experience of developing and authoring complex, multi service business cases, with a focus on savings, service design to deliver services through tech and data infrastructure change.

Consultancy is not only for the larger organisations, but also cost effective for smaller businesses, that either have a clearly defined focussed need for a piece of short term work that needs delivery, which for whatever reason are unable to undertake within their current operational team.

Many clients prefer a collaborative approach, to ensure whilst resourcing skill gaps there is an opportunity for their staff to observe, learn and become involved in business change development and implementation.

With Brexit on the horizon, many clients with a presence or customers oversees are already embarking on understanding current operational processes and resource employment and starting to explore potentially new ways of working or process / business change to adapt and ensure business continuity and success post 2019. As an organisation that has exposure and experience of different cultures and operating practices throughout Europe, we can provide clients with business change resource, whether it be business analysis, process / service re-engineering or finance or IT skillset leads.