We can provide clients with professionals that have a dedicated and experienced digital background and knowledge of current digital business solutions and service design principles. Many clients are considering and implementing cloud based solutions and technology solutions to allow for greater flexibility and effectiveness of how their staff work and service delivery.

 We can provide clients, who are working at pace and have a pressing need to place teams more quickly than traditional recruitment processes allow, with teams that have the necessary skill, knowledge and experience based that meets client requirements. Operating on a boutique consultancy basis, we can provide clients with either a number of key digital interim resource to fill gaps across portfolios of work or dedicated complete project teams.

Our teams can incorporate PMO, mentors, digital service designers, trainers, devops, analysts and front end or back end developers. Whilst offering clients digital financial analysis / modelling and business analysis resource, who have worked in a digital environment and have dealt with digitalising services as well as designing IT data warehouse / infrastructures to assist clients with their infrastructure strategies, where in house or outsourced on a managed service basis.

As well as software development, we can provide clients with a dedicated resource that are knowledgeable and up to date with digital products innovation, what competitors are using or in the process of implementing.

We offer clients with European overseas divisions or service hubs, resource to bring legacy systems or service designs inline with it's parent company's current or planned digital service design and digital products, and assist with new product development or implementation, taking into account local client and user requirements, some being culturally driven.