Our team can assist start up founders and teams with the key deliverables they are faced with at the start of their business journey with key business / industry analysis and key revenue, investment appraisal and budget financial planning and modelling.

 We can assist or lead on the development of a realistic and feasible funding map, to ensure the appropriate level of funding is planned for, minimising and managing the risk of running out too early in the initial cycle.

 There is an inherent focus on valuation of the idea being developed, particularly at the early / seed stage, where financial modelling and use of financial appraisal techniques are used to understand future worth of the business. We are here to assist and get start ups to an investment ready position, ensuring any documentation for investors is clear, credible, concise, and compelling.

There is a very clear correlation between valuation and revenues / profits. Our team, who are fully qualified professional accountants / financial modelling professionals, can guide, assist and deliver the key financial evaluation analysis and the outputs for the financial plan. Working closely with founder teams, we are on hand to assist / challenge the various working assumptions and model various scenarios.

During the build of first product release, we can model the financials for the time and effort spent, which will provide a financial value to assign to intellectual property and investor return expectations. Just as investors will be re-running financials and scenarios based on different assumptions, we are able to run multiple modelling with differing risks and scenarios.

In more mature markets or businesses, we can deliver value adding benchmarking / analysis of the market, reporting on market share, expected or past growth rates / operating margins and detailed competitor analysis. We have extensive experience in the role of data sourcing / sector research and presenting findings in formats founders / internal teams require.


In addition to the financial planning and business analysis modelling and financial management, our team has extensive experience in writing and delivering credible and evidence supported business case and business plan writing. This includes the development and assigning of underlying assumptions and metrics. Ensuring metrics used are relevant and make sense for the main parties involved, whether it be numbers of customers / clients or units sold etc.

Ultimately we can support start ups in modelling the various scenarios to gain an understanding of potential exist values and EBITDA projections (maximising returns) specific to the sector, whilst advising which metrics / KPIs should be adopted to define what success should look like, and track the performance of the first year of business and future revenue objectives.