With a keen interest in low carbon innovation and technology, and a long term focus in developing new business models, products and services that assist organisation's in delivering a lower carbon footprint and feeding into formulating future strategies, we have a commitment to continuing our research within this area.

Not only identifying and exploring new lower carbon products, we also engage and conduct market research in how customers as well as client organisations view market innovations as well as engaging in behavioural drivers that can often prove to be valuable evidence to assist those trying to be at the forefront of delivering sustainable and lower carbon products and services, whilst trying to identifty the critical success factors for market based strategies.

As well as generating our own primary research, we also keep an eye on academic research on green tech and application of innovation to business solutions so we can provide clients with consultancy services within this area as well as developing our own capabilities and becoming a bigger player in this ever increasingly important area, not only in terms of consumer products and services, but also the complete infrastructure and delivery of public services / ammenities on a local as well as global level.

Looking at others in market, competitors, sector partners, benchmarking, research on performance within sector and how organisation compares

Research into low carbon / green technology to drive the agenda for businesses in the future, and how green tech can disrupt and be a key competitive tool or enabler to drive and deliver value.